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We have available "Growing Young" by Kara Powell, Jake Mulder & Brad Griffin as a hardcover book as well as an audio CD series. If you would like to borrow these resources please contact the church office.

Churches are losing members and vitality as increasing numbers of young people disengage. Based on groundbreaking research with over 250 of the nation's leading congregations, Growing Young provides a strategy any church can use to include and retain teenagers and young adults. It profiles innovative churches that are engaging 15 to 29 year olds, and as a result are growing - spiritually, emotionally, missionally and numerically. Packed with both research and practical ideas, Growing Young shows Pastors and ministry leaders how to position their churches to engage younger generations in a way that breathes vitality, life and energy into the whole church. 

Baptist Magazine article: Evangelise those most open.

How to Connect with God

If you are new to Christianity, watch this 17 minute video by Pastor Russell to find out how you can experience God today.

How to receive baptism in the Holy Spirit

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