Pastor Russell Watts

Senior Pastor
Pastor Russell was raised on the mission field in Papua New Guinea, the son of South Seas Evangelical Missionaries, Brian and Ruth Watts. He wandered away from God and experimented with other spiritualities until, at age 16, he saw the power in the name of Jesus has over the demonic realm. He completed his Bachelor of Theology in 1989 through the Baptist College of NZ. He has been in pastoral ministry for around 23 years, the last 14 of which have been at Ranui Baptist Church in West Auckland (a very multi-cultural church where they expect to see a baptism every week from the pre-Christian community and are seldom disappointed). He has a love for presenting biblical and practical tools for ministry that will equip the body to reflect Christ effectively to the world. He has an excellent marriage with his wife Juliette, three adult children and three grandchildren. Pastor Russell is a very relational person and is heavily involved in serving the church and the local community through one-on-one discipleship, the use of Spiritual gifts, running parenting courses, and as a budget adviser. His passion is to see people connected to God and fulfilling their purposes in life.

Pastor Stephen Battye

Associate Pastor (Youth)
Stephen has been the Associate Pastor (Youth) at Whangarei Central Baptist Church since May 2014 and oversees the Cityouth Community, which includes: Frontline, 24/7 youthwork, Lynk, young adults, and internships. He has two teenage children, Caitlin (17) and Brandon (15), as well as a stepson, Louis (6). Stephen is a keen cyclist, Aussie Rules fanatic and theology nerd. He does not understand this game you called rugby and thinks Kiwis need to get over the underarm delivery. What does Stephen bring to the WCBC team? Stephen brings extensive experience working with youth and young adults; a strong emphasis on leadership training and development; a passion for the gospel and teaching God’s Word; and an unwavering commitment to helping young people become life-long followers of Jesus committed to His mission to the world. Following the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, Stephen believes that youth ministry is best practiced when the whole church gets involved. Will you be one of the 5 who keeps a young person’s faith alive?

Marion Patten

Pastoral Carer

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