Resource List

A list of most of the resources to be found on this site
Name AuthorTypeFile LinkDateTopic
Lord Reign in MeIan Robertssermon audiomp3Lord Reign in Me1 Jan 2017Knowing God
12 Reasons SummarySacraparental.comarticlepdfWhy Include Children - summaryApril 2017Intergenerational
20 Cans of SuccessSteve Gossdeclarationpdf20 Cans of Success5 March 2017
A Celebration of Marriage Pt1Russell WattsVideomp4Celebration of Marriage 1RanuiMarriage
A Celebration of Marriage Pt2Russell WattsVideomp4Celebration of Marriage 2RanuiMarriage
A Celebration of Marriage Pt3Russell WattsVideomp4Celebration of Marriage 3RanuiMarriage
A Look into Life After DeathIan McCormackVideomp4Life After DeathJan 2017Death
A Tale of Two EndingsChristian LifearticlepdfChildren in ChurchApril 2017Intergenerational
Affair-proof Your Relationship Pt1Russell WattsVideomp4Affair-proof 1RanuiMarriage
Affair-proof Your Relationship Pt2Russell WattsVideomp4Affair-proof 2RanuiMarriage
Bait of SatanJohn BevereVideomp4Bait of SatanApril 2017Offence
Becoming Men of SteelRussell WattsmessagepdfBecoming Men of Steel - written6 May 2017Men
Building a Strong Financial Foundation Pt1Russell WattsVideomp4Strong Financial Foundation 1RanuiFinances
Building a Strong Financial Foundation Pt2Russell WattsVideomp4Strong Financial Foundation 2RanuiFinances
Choosing to Believe the TruthRussell Wattsfull sermonpdf5 March 2017
Choosing to Believe the TruthRussell Wattssermon audiomp35 March 2017
Choosing to Believe the TruthRussell WattsdeclarationpdfTruth - Declaration19 Feb 2017Truth
Church StructureRussell WattsVideomp4Church StructureJan 2017Vision
Daniel's Prophecies & ChristmasSteve Dunnsermon audiomp34 Dec 2016
Demolishing StrongholdsRussell Wattssermon notespdf12 March 2017Strongholds
Demolishing StrongholdsRussell Wattssermon audio mp312 March 2017Strongholds
Demolishing StrongholdsRussell Wattsfull sermonpdf12 March 2017Strongholds
Evangelism 1Russell WattsAudio sermonmp3Evangelism 1-audio14 May 2014Evangelism
Evangelism 1Russell Wattssermon notespdfEvangelism 1-notes14 May 2017Evangelism
Evangelism that WorksRussell WattsStudy GuidepdfEvangelism that Works - Full Study GuideMay 2017Evangelism
Evangelism that Works - seminar outlineRussell Wattsseminar outlinepdfEvangelism 1-sermon14 May 2017Evangelism
Expect the UnexpectedJoy Nielsensermon audiomp318 Dec 2016
Faith Foundations for TeenagersRussell WattsStudy GuidepdfFaith Foundations for TeenagersFaith Foundations for TeenagersMarch 2017New Christians
Family Tips for Worshipping TogetherRaewyn Moodyinfopdf30 April 2017Intergenerational
Forgiving from the HeartRussell Wattssermon audiomp319 March 2017
Forgiving from the HeartRussell Wattsfull sermonpdf19 March 2017
Forgiving from the HeartRussell Wattsdeclarationpdf19 March 2017Forgiveness
Forgiving from the HeartRussell Wattssermon notespdf19 March 2017
Foundations for New ChristiansRussell WattsStudy GuidepdfFoundations for New ChristiansMarch 2017New Christians
GenerosityRussell WattsdeclarationpdfGenerosity19 Feb 2017
Genesis 37 - God Was With HimIan Robertssermon audiomp330 Oct 2016Life of Joseph
Genesis 40-41Ian Robertssermon audiomp313 Nov 2016Life of Joseph
Genesis 42-46Stephen Battyesermon audiomp320 Nov 2016Life of Joseph
Genesis 47-50Simon Collinssermon audio mp327 Nov 2016Life of Joseph
Getting to Know GodRussell WattsVideomp4RanuiNew Christians
GiftsStephen Battyesermon audiomp325 Dec 2016
God Wants to Speak to MeRussell WattsdeclarationpdfGod Speaks - Declaration12 March 2017
Grab or Trust - Intro to the Life of JosephSteve Dunnsermon audiomp316 Oct 2016Life of Joseph
Guard Against GossipBill GothardStudy GuidepdfGuard Against Gossip9 April 2017Conflict
Health & SafetyRussell WattsVideomp4Health & SafetyApril 2017Health & Safety
Honouring God with our ResourcesRussell WattsformpdfBank deposit formMarch 2017Finances
How to Receive Baptism in the Holy SpiritRussell WattsmessagepdfBaptism in the Holy Spirit16 April 2017Holy Spirit
I have a DreamRussell Wattssermon summarypdfI Have a Dream - notes7 May 2017Vision
I have a DreamRussell Wattssermon audiomp3I Have a Dream - audio7 May 2017Vision
I have a DreamRussell Wattsfull sermonpdfI Have a Dream - sermon7 May 2017Vision
Intergenerational WorshipRaewyn Moodysermon audiomp3Including Children - audio30 April 2017Intergenerational
Is God First in your LifeStephen Battyesermon audiomp329 Jan 2017
Is There More to Life than ThisAlphaVideomp4New Christians
It's About RelationshipsHartley Wardsermon audio mp315 Jan 2017
Mind of ChristShania Jenkinsmessagepdf2 April 2017
Our Daily ChoiceRussell Wattssermon audiomp319 Feb 2017
Our Daily ChoiceRussell Wattsfull sermonpdf19 Feb 2017
Our Identity in ChristFrancois Joubertsermon audio mp39 Oct 2016
Philip & the Ethiopian EunuchRussell Wattssermon audiomp323 April 2017Intergenerational
Picking Ripe FruitRussell Wattsfull sermonpdf12 Feb 2017
Picking Ripe FruitRussell Wattssermon audiomp312 Feb 2017
Praying Your Kingdom ComeSimon Collinssermon audiomp322 Jan 2017
Preparing for your Promotion to HeavenRussell WattsformpdfMarch 2017Death
Prophetic Foundation Rodney W FrancisStudy GuidepdfProphetic FoundationMarch 2017Vision
Resolving Conflict in a Godly WayRussell Wattsfull sermonpdf9 April 2017Conflict
Resolving Conflict in a Godly WayRussell Wattssermon notes pdf9 April 2017Conflict
Resolving Conflict in a Godly WayRussell Wattssermon audiomp39 April 2017Conflict
Romans 1:1-17Steve Dunnsermon audiomp314 July 2017Romans
Romans 1:18-32Jeremy Brownesermon audiomp331 July 2016Romans
Romans 2:1-16Stephen Battyesermon audiomp37 Aug 2016Romans
Romans 2:17-29Lachlan Bullsermon audiomp314 Aug 2016Romans
Romans 3:1-20Steve Dunnsermon audiomp321 Aug 2016Romans
Romans 3:21-31Stephen Battyesermon audiomp328 Aug 2016Romans
Romans 4Ruth Butchersermon audiomp34 Sept 2016Romans
Romans 5:1-5Joy Nielsensermon audiomp311 Sept 2016Romans
Romans 6:1-23Steve Dunnsermon audiomp318 Sept 2016Romans
Romans 7Ian Robertssermon audiomp325 Sept 2016Romans
Romans 8Simon Collinssermon audiomp32 Oct 2016Romans
School of the Holy SpiritRodney W FrancisStudy GuidepdfApril 2017Holy Spirit
Scriptures that Motivate MeRussell Wattssermon audiomp35 Feb 2017
Setting Your Church FreeMurray Cottlesermon audiomp327 March 2017
She Needs Love, He Needs RespectRussell WattsVideomp4Love & RespectRanuiMarriage
Site Safety Introduction SheetHealth & SafetyformpdfApril 2017Health & Safety
The Hidden Treasure - Resurrection SundayRussell Wattssermon audiomp316 April 2017Easter
The Hidden Treasure - Resurrection SundayRussell Wattsfull sermonpdf16 April 2017Easter
The Holy SpiritStephen BattyeSermon audiomp32 April 2017Holy Spirit
TruStory CurriculumDisciplrinfopdfApril 2017Children
Underneath are the Everlasting ArmsIan Robertssermon audiomp38 Jan 2017
Virginity's VirtueRussell WattsmessagepdfRanuiMarriage
Virginity's Virtue Pt1Rusell WattsVideomp4Virginity's Virtue 1RanuiMarriage
Virginity's Virtue Pt2Rusell WattsVideomp4Virginity's Virtue 2RanuiMarriage
Virginity's Virtue Pt3Rusell WattsVideomp4Virginity's Virtue 3RanuiMarriage
We Will Not Take the Bait of SatanRussell WattsdeclarationpdfNo Offence - Declaration9 April 2017Offence
Who is JesusAlphaVideomp4New Christians
Why Did Jesus DieAlphaVideomp4New Christians
Why Ministry With MenDavid MurrowarticlepdfWhy Ministry With Men 6 May 2017Men
Wrestling with GodIan Robertssermon audiomp323 Oct 2016Life of Joseph
Porn Stronghold BusterRussell WattsdeclarationpdfPorn Stronghold Buster12 March 2017Strongholds
Evangelism 1Russell Wattsfull sermonpdfEvangelism 1-sermon14 May 2017Evangelism
Seven Principles of Sharing Your Faith EffectivelyRussell Wattsfull sermonpdfSeven Principles - written sermon4 June 2017Evangelism
Seven Principles of Sharing Your Faith EffectivelyRussell Wattssermon audiomp3Seven Principles - audio4 June 2017Evangelism
Seven Principles of Sharing Your Faith EffectivelyRussell Wattssermon summarypdfSeven Principles - sermon summary4 June 2017Evangelism
Evangelism 2Russell Wattssermon audiomp3Evangelism 2 - sermon audio28 May 2017Evangelism
Evangelism 2Russell Wattsfull sermonpdfEvangelism 2 - written sermon28 May 2017Evangelism
Evangelism 2Russell Wattssermon summarypdfEvangelism 2 - sermon notes28 May 2017Evangelism