Whangarei Community Toy Library

The Whangarei Toy Library has its own website here.


We have a large selection of toys, play equipment, puzzles and DVDs for children aged 0 – 10 years available for loan to Toy Library members.
Opening hours Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday 9am till 12 noon during term time at Whangarei Central Baptist Church, 202 Bank St in the Regent (Opposite New World Supermarket).

Coffee  Drop in on a Thursday, between 10 and 11am, for free coffee and home baking.

Borrowing  All toys borrowed for a two-week period, limit – 4 toys plus a puzzle or DVD.
Green spot toys: these are our larger, more expensive toys. One green spot toy may be borrowed per visit at a charge of $2 for 2 weeks. New members are eligible to borrow a green spot toy after 3 issues & returns.

Our History  The Toy Library was established in 1986 by the Whangarei Baptist Church, who provides a dedicated area and a support Team. The Library is a community organisation, staffed by a Librarian and a volunteer team. We depend on community funding grants, member subscriptions and local fund-raising to keep the Library open.

Fees for 2017

  • Parent/Primary Caregiver:    $35 per school term or $125 per year if paid in full by 1st March ($15 discount), $140 per year after 1st March.
  • Community Card Holders:   $30 per school term or $105 per year if paid in full by 1st March ($15 discount), $120 per year after 1st March.
  • Grandparents/Secondary Caregiver:   $20 per term or $75 per year before 1st March ($5 discount), $80 per year after 1st March.
  • Casual Borrowers:   $5 for green spot toys for 2 weeks and $2 for all other toys.
  • New Members:   Fee + $6 administration fee (includes a free tote bag.)
  • Green Spot Toy (1 per borrowing):   $2 (Buy a green spot card – $8 with 2 free)
  • DVDs:   50c per DVD borrowed. $5 for a DVD card – 2 free.
  • Volunteers:  Free green spot toy voucher per session.

2017 Dates

July 7th Term 2 ends
July 11th – 14th First week of school holidays – Library open
July 18th – 21st Second week of school holidays – Library closed
July 25th Library open for Term 3
September 29th Term 3 ends
October 3rd – 6th Library open first week of school holidays
October 10th – 13th Library closed second week of school holidays
October 17th Library open for Term 4
December 15th Library closed for the year.

Staffing  The Toy Library is run on a volunteer basis and members are encouraged to help if they are able. Volunteer assistance once a term (or more if desired) is a good way to make new friends and contribute to the ease of a well run and resourced library.