Elders and Team Leaders

Elders group
Our elders, along with the pastors, are responsible for visionary direction and policies of the church, seeking to bring into reality the vision and mission of the church. Our elders are Ruth Butcher (Chairperson),  Jan Payne, Joy Nielsen, Adrienne Coats, Steve Dunn and Simon Collins. You will find the mission and vision, as confirmed in 2017, here.

Here is a copy of the 2017  WCBC Constitution.

Ruth Butcher (Chairperson)

Simon Collins

Adrienne Coats

Jan Payne

Joy Nielsen

Steve Dunn

Ministry Team Leaders
Ministry Team Leaders have responsibility for different areas of Church life, such as worship, administration, community, groups, inclusion, mission, Northern Churches, prayer, seniors, and more to come. 


Stephen Battye (Youth)

Monica Kessell (Children)

Norman Gurr (Administration)

Robert Coats (Community)

Kimberley & Mike Nielsen (Groups)

Marion Patten (Inclusion)

Greg Mutton (Missions)

Ian Roberts (Northern Churches)

Jan Payne (Prayer)

Maybeth Roberts (Seniors)